Depending on which console you are using you will need a different version of the R4 Card DS. Nintendo Ds and DS lite console users will need to use R4 Card DS or R4 Card SDHC which were the first flashcards released for DS. The R4i was designed for Nintendo DSi system users and DSi XL was released after the R4 Card DS, adding to that card’s huge success and offering some new technological advancements. It is also fully retro compatible in case you want to use it with your DS or DS lite console.

With the R4 Card or R4i SDHC you can access an entire library of multimedia files or play homebrew games, which can be found on the net and downloaded. With the R4 Cards you can open a whole new world of possibilities on your DS and if you have more than one console, you can use the R4i card with both. The R4i SDHC is so popular for its support for the latest firmware updates from Nintendo, this thanks to the constant development of the R4i team which always brings us new and improved features that greatly enrich the gaming experience on R4i card.

Lately the R4i card has seen some great improvements and has been adapted to work with the latest Nintendo firmware. With the R4i card you can not only add a memory card to Micro SD or SDHC to the DSi console, but also to the latest DSi XL consoles. With support for Nintendo’s latest firmware you don’t have to worry about keeping track of which firmware is running on your console or if you need to upgrade / downgrade your firmware, everything will work great.