R4i SDHC 3DS Card

With the release of the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL consoles a new card was needed, and the creators of the R4i-SDHC card were the first to offer their services by releasing the R4 3DS or R4 3DS as it is also called. With this card users can now experience the benefits of R4 or R4i but now on the 3DS.

There are other cards that have since been released and work with the 3DS console but none offer constant R4 3DS support and updates, the R4i-SDHC.com team that makes the card have years of experience when it comes to these. cards and as a result they are able to provide updates first of all to ensure that their cards continue to perform like the latest Nintendo updates.

So buy R4i Card for your DS or DSi console and experience the true power of your console, this is why the R4 Card is the number one bestselling accessory for Nintendo DS console.

R4i Card

The R4i Card is the second release of the r4 card, aimed at Nintendo dsi and dsi xl console users. It has all the great features and traits that have made R4 the success it is today with many improvements in user interface and speed. A great feature of the R4i Card is that it is fully backwards compatible with Nintendo DS and Ds lite systems, which means there is no need to buy two cards if you have both consoles.