R4 Revolution

The R4 Revolution is simply a device that works with your DS system and now thanks to the new improvements it also works with Nintendo DS, DSi, DSi XL and 3DS systems depending on which version of the card you buy. The huge success of the R4 Revolution is mainly due to its ability to allow you to store extra files on your console thanks to the micro SD memory card support. This allows the DS user to keep tons of new file types, explore photos, watch movies and even listen to music on the go. Also with the advent of eBooks, Team R4 introduced the ability to read your favorite bestsellers on your DS console. So now you can use your DS console not only for gaming but also for playing your favorite file types.
To store files on the R4 Revolution you use a Micro SD or SDHC memory card which can be easily synced with your PC using the included memory card reader which you plug into your PC’s USB port and you are good to go. Then it is simply a matter of clicking and dragging the files you want to view later on your Nintendo DS, DSi or DSi Xl system.
The R4 Revolution also supports a plethora of homebrew games that can be easily found online and also of course also supports current Nintendo DS games. Depending on how you want to use your R4i you can find more information on this topic.
R4 / R4i is a microslot-1 flash card device designed for DS, DS lite and DSi lite respectively. This device can convert your DS into a multimedia player in addition to the great game machine it already is, and it also provides you with an important backup for your precious file collection.
So How Does The R4 Transform My DS? With the R4 Revolution / R4i inserted into your DS, any file, such as game files (including yours), videos, music and photos can be played through your Nintendo DS. After installing the firmware downloaded from the Internet, you can start creating your folders and transferring files, simply drag and drop your files onto the SD card from your PC via the card reader. YouTube can provide a source of instructional videos in case any problems arise.
Can you provide me with any version of the r4? Yes, we can supply the DS Card (and R4i Card DS for the DSi lite) alone or bundled with micro SD memory cards of various capacities such as 2GB, 4GB or 8GB so that you can start using yours directly. amazing new DS features.
The R4 Revolution will increase the capabilities of the DS system beyond belief. The device has a high quality and a low price. It provides a fast and creative interface with a micro SD memory card and will support up to a whopping 32GB. Get yours now and join the Nintendo R4 revolution.
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R4 Revolution Tips

When Nintendo’s first gameboy was released, games were limited to those published by Nintendo. Many expected it to be the same after the release of the Nintendo DS 2004 system. However, the software and hardware present in the DS allowed for modification and opened up a range of options to users of the console. The flashcard has played a fundamental role in allowing you to view images, listen to music and even watch movies, all of course on the go.